As you may have guessed my name is Christopher Reach and I am the proprietor of this fine website. I am also a designer and illustrator and I suspect that is why you are here. Perhaps you need a new logo for your business or graphic for a tee shirt. Perhaps you are a publisher and require artwork for a roleplaying game or an illustration for your short story. Or it may be that you have no idea why you are here because this is the internet and it is like that. But whatever the case may be, aren't you glad you came?


Jonas Bronck's Beer Co. Tap Handles

This tap handle design sheet was created for Jonas Bronck's Beer Company in The Bronx, New York. The final product can be found at bars and restaurants throughout the five boroughs and wherever Jonas Bronck's beer is served.
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Bronx Beer Hall Flag

An emblem painted for the Bronx Beer Hall. The design is based on the traditional Bronck family seal and maintains many of its original elements. Among these is the eagle looking East, across the Atlantic, toward the Old World.
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FCNY Chrome Tee

Graphic tee image created for Flight Club New York, a designer consignment shop operating out of New York and Los Angeles. Lines and gradients were built in a vector program and the final design was finished in Photoshop.
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