Welcome, I’m Christopher Reach.  Below is a collection of commercial, commissioned, and personal illustration I’ve completed over the past few years.  While I learned to paint with analogue media, the majority of my professional work has been created with Photoshop and a graphics tablet.


My Gear

I use plastic mechanical or wooden yellow pencils, computer paper, and Adobe Photoshop CS5 as my primary creative tools for my illustration work.

I am quite happy with this version of Photoshop (and the pencils) until one day when they inevitably break and I will be forced to ‘upgrade’.  At least there is no subscription fee for new pencils (I’m looking at you, Creative Cloud).

With this I use an Intuos 4 Medium Tablet (a bluetooth connected graphics tablet) and Intuos Stylus Pen.

My computer is a giant custom build.  It runs Windows 7 (for games) and OSX (for everything else).  While I don’t like spending a lot of money on fancy ‘artist pencils’ it is wise to have a very powerful computer with a decent GPU, fast multi core processor, and lot of RAM if you plan on doing a lot of medium to large format digital work.  Adobe products eat RAM for breakfast.

See more illustrative work on my DeviantArt page.